Day 39 – time to name this collage!

Name this art
After 11 years of working with the image my sister’s baby picture, this collage is finally done.  Whew, what a journey.  Mostly joyful, but sometimes frustrating because I just couldn’t find the perfect piece, and this happened many times during the process.

The next step would usually be to print all the individual pieces, and then hand cut, ink the white edges, and dimensionalize each (more about this here). However, my computer monitor and printer have decided to not talk to each other, so while I work on a reconciliation, I’m moving onto the next step – finding a sacred name for this collage.

Sometimes the perfect name just pops into my head, and other times it takes months before I find the one that tells the story that this collage was meant to share with the world.

The process of creating a collage feels like channeling, meaning its not always for me, about me, or even from me.  It often feels like each collage piece is given to me from a higher source. For instance, Brave Step was created to honor the bravery of other women in my life.

Let me start with what this collage means to me, which could be very different from what it means to you.  In a nutshell, this collage is telling me to reach for what I most want. And to trust that its all coming toward me, with little effort on my part. Like the universe is conspiring to make my dreams come true simply by me focusing on what is in front of me.  I’m sure you can imagine that finding a name that succinctly expresses that meaning in 3-5 words isn’t always so easy.

Here are the titles that are “speaking” to me so far:

All within reach

Reach for your wildest dreams

Dream until your dream comes true

Reach for your dream – it IS within reach

Do any of these speak to you?  Any other ideas?  I would love to hear what you think?

5 thoughts on “Day 39 – time to name this collage!”

    • Dottie, thanks so much for the excellent suggestion! Sorry for the late reply – comments got caught in spam. Big hugs, Cat

    • Barbara, You are the sweetest soul to be supporting and following my artistic journey. My heart smiles every time I see your name pop up on FB or on my blog. Thanks my friend for being part of my process to follow my wildest dream.

      And thanks for weighing in on a title for this piece. I obviously like that one too. So hard to make the final choice because in many cases people actually buy based on the title as much as the art itself. My top seller is not my best art, but has the best title! Now that you have voted for this title, it has me thinking about this one again.

      Just so you know, you won the contest for a free print. Hands down you were the one who commented the most about what had changed. I’ll be announcing this on FB today most likely. I’m in the process of dimensionalizing this collage, which will end with it being professionally photographed at the end of the month. At that time, I’ll be sending you your print. Thanks for following along and commenting almost every time I posted. I deeply appreciated your support, and you!

      Love, Catherine


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