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Creating a 3D Collage

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To create a collage is to give voice to the most connected part of me; the part that knows my next higher step, in spite of what my mind says to the contrary.  Every work begins with a single magazine or book image that compels me to explore it, to search for the meaning behind why it is drawing me in. Then I review other pieces, selecting those that seem to be attracted to the first one, like a magnet, until I have hundreds of pieces floating around the central one.  Deciding which stay in the final composition is as spiritual a process as choosing the first image that initiates the creating.  As I manipulate all the individual elements - adding, subtracting, nudging, flipping, and coloring - I sense a physical tug, warmth in my heart, when it becomes clear that an image is "meant" to be part of the final work.

Each collage seems to magically come together to form Jungian archetypes conveying a universal message of trust in a higher power, and a belief that the universe is completely rigged in our favor.

Once all the final pieces are in place, each is printed on archival paper with pigmented inks (rated to maintain their original color from 120 to 200 years), cut out again, mounted on watercolor paper, and enhanced with ink, acrylic, and glitter. Finally, individual pieces are raised with foam core or silicone, and reassembled into the final collage, creating a 3-D effect. From beginning to end, each collage takes an average of one year to complete. Due to the complexity of the process, this can continue for up to two years, until every image in the collage gives me a feeling of peace, harmony, and delight.  Thus, each completed collage has a unique gestation period, in perfect timing with the lessons it is revealing for the next steps on my journey, and the journey of those drawn into the story.

Since the "original" Brave Step of this collage exists in the computer, my work is sold in small "unique editions".  Although every collage within the edition will have the same overall design, each has unique differences created through the time consuming process of hand cutting, painting and lifting individual images.  Thus, each collage within the edition is an original and unique piece of art. 3-D collages are also available as 2-D, or “flat” art prints , although each will have the shadows of the original, giving it an illusion of 3-D.

As a long time collector of your work, I am so excited each time you release your newest collage, and have bought many of them, as you well know! No matter how long I have one of your works, I never see them the same — always finding something new that I did not appreciate before. Your art blesses my home, as well as the homes of my daughters who I have given them to as gifts.” - Pat – Woodstock, NY

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