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Welcome to my dream come true...


To create sacred art for the purpose of inspiring myself and others to awaken to who we were meant to be, to who we’ve always been.

An interesting truth about this dream: It was an accident. Being an artist was not part of my life plan by any stretch of the imagination. Until age 33, I was one of those people who said “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body”. Sound familiar?

"“Thank you Catherine - your work is truly magical! ”Swimming in Abundance” has been a powerful daily reminder of bounty and possibilities. It’s been the visual water that has helped grow my business and my life.”

Jennifer Halls - Rock Hill, SC YouKnow. net

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I believe...

  • Life is rigged in my favor, always
  • What I resist, persists
  • What I have is what I want. Wherever I am is where I want to be
  • Every moment is my destiny, and each is a gift
  • Living fully present and grateful, the door opens

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