Day 43 – 2015 was my new beginning

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One year ago today, I set up my new art studio. The next day, on January 5, 2015 at 5 a.m., I got up to watch the sun rise from my studio window,  pulled out an unfinished collage, and started playing. In those simple moments, my heart exploded with joy, tears welled in my eyes, and all I could say was “I’m back”. Then I joyfully went to work on the blessed collage before me.

It had been almost ten years since I had created art. Why did I wait so long?

I’ve asked myself this over and over again, and have ALWAYS wanted to return to creating art. But life happens. Day job, travel, divorce, romance, new community/friends, more travel, new marriage…. all good things.  There simply wasn’t any time or energy for art.

Then suddenly, there was time.

Don’t misunderstand – my life was still over the top busy with a loving relationship, friends and community, tons of travel, and a rewarding day job. To find time amidst all this joy filled busyness, I created a structured schedule, and for the most part, I followed it.  But alas, I am not perfect.  Many things competed for the few hours I put aside for art, like planning a wedding and revamping my website. Not to mention traveling for my day job 3 to 4 weeks every month!

So 43 days ago, to insure that creating art became a life long habit, rather than a forgotten new year’s resolution, I took my art life to another level with a 30 day commitment to get up at 5am EVERY day to do art, followed by a 335 day promise to do art at least one hour EVERY day, no matter what. And its working.  I’m creating lots of art, and having the absolute time of my life doing it! I am DETERMINED not to abandon my art again.

So 2015 will always be remembered as the year of new beginnings, both with an extraordinary new marriage, and with my sacred art. My heart is full of gratitude for finding them both, once again.

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