To listen to Catherine talk about her process for creating her masterpieces is mesmerizing.  Some of her pieces take a year to complete as she spends time sourcing elements that truly speak to her vision for the piece.

I chose her piece Journey Home and consider it an ode to following my passions in life that truly make my heart sing -- and finally feeling at home on the journey (and commitment) to pursuing my dreams.

Thank you, Catherine, for all of the love, creativity, emotion, and gorgeous elements that you bring together to create truly stunning works of art.  I love seeing my piece of art every day on my desk as I work.  It reminds me of the importance of staying true to my own journey and what I'm on Earth to pursue each and every day.

Emily – Raleigh, NC

Pam - Kindness copyMy team first saw this in a Myers Briggs training session and really liked it. I was happy to find out that I could order a copy of Something Incredible is About to Happen from your website. It is now hanging outside my office for my team and the rest o the office to enjoy. I have had many compliments on it. I love the colors and whimsicalness of the picture and just feel good every time that I look at it! -Pam, Washington

Brave Step inspires me every time I pass it hanging in my living room. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into creating this beautiful 3-D for my husband and me. Christie – NYC


As a long time collector of your work, I am so excited each time you release your newest collage, and have bought many of them, as you well know! No matter how long I have one of your works, I never see them the same -- always finding something new that I did not appreciate before. Your art blesses my home, as well as the homes of my daughters who I have given them to as gifts. Pat – Woodstock, NY

One of my favorites pieces of art that I own, is the one I purchased from you a few years ago in Venice, Florida, entitled, What I seek now seeks me.  I am proud to be the owner of the original of this piece of art.  Jerry – Florida

             I love my Song in your heart collage. I immediately framed it and   hung it in my studio. I can’t stop looking at it!”        -Sharon – New York

I stumbled into a shop and found many prints of your work and felt immediately drawn toward it as a gift for a friend of mine. It turned out, as she is helping me on a more spiritual path, she herself needed me and I didn’t know just how.  She needed what you made and for me to give it at the time I did.   You should know how you’ve brought two women together to bond and ultimately grow. Your work is very beautiful.  I hope to see more with time. Melynda - Maryland

Your collage Leap of Faith speaks to me of many aspects of personal growth:  Holding our torch high, learning to move toward through the passage with confidence even though we may be moving alone, and that the Earth herself will support strides that invite health and balance.  And besides, the work is just beautiful.  I look forward to enjoying it.  I would have ordered the "large" original if budget allowed -- but I am thrilled with the one I am getting. Kate – Colorado

Dear Cat, Your work is awesome!  I will be sharing one of the prints I bought, as well as a couple of the cards, with friends of mine, so they can experience your work as well.  The artwork I purchased for myself is to hang in my massage room, where I know it will bless those with whom I am honored to work- and so the circle continues... Maureen - Virginia

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