All of my favorite things!

Favorite Art Supplies

Catalyst Wedge

Spreads glue evenly

Tracing Wheel

Paints small dots

Modeling Paste

Use over stencils onto tissue and to make texture

Princeton Paint Brushes

All time fave brushes!

Stabilo Woody Pencils

Water-soluble over-sized "crayons"

Blick Studio Wood Panels

Cradled boards to mount collages, no additional frame needed

Strathmore Mixed Media Paper

Most of my collages are created on this paper

Dylusions Flip Journal

Sketchbook used for everything!

Liquitex Fluid Matte & Gel Mediums

First one is for gluing thinner papers, and second for thicker papers

Liquitex Basics Gesso

Used for priming paper substrates and as white paint

Nova Acrylic Paint

Fabulous paint, in between hard and soft body

Dorland's Wax Medium

Permanently seals artwork and sketchbooks

Artists that inspire my art and art business

Kellee Wynne Conrad

Such an inspiring artist, both for her art courses and her business coaching. She just happens to be MY art biz coach, the best ever.

Ivy Newport

I have taken almost every one of Ivy's fabulous online workshops, and one in person too! So over the top inspirational in what she teaches, and how she teaches it.

Laly Mille

Oh my goodness I love the online mixed media classes by this amazing French teacher. I sign up for every one of them, and learn a ton of new techniques EACH time.

Kelly Rae Roberts

Kelly is a shining star for other artists following in her inspiring footsteps.  A former social worker turned self-taught artist who is rocking the art world and making the saying "starving artist" obsolete.

Maggie Taylor

Oh my goodness yummy art. Absolutely love Maggies’ work. I took an art class from her years ago in Santa Fe, which forever changed my work.

Donna Downey

Fabulous on-line and in-person workshop instructor, teaching all types of painting and collage classes.  I've taken everything from color mixing to abstract figures to flower painting from this lovely artist.

Art Coaches

Kellee Wynne Conrad

Out of all the art biz coaches I've worked with, Kellee stands hands and shoulders above the rest.  She has walked the walk earning 6 figures annually, and knows how to help other artists repeat her success.

Betsy Cordes

This amazing woman gave me the push to quit my day job. She is an amazing business art coach, worth every dime of the investment.

Cory Huff

Cory offers online courses focused on social media for beginning artists, which gave me the courage to jump into Facebook and Instagram.

Books that support my art biz

Big Magic

One of my all time faves on creativity.

Show Your Work

The book that motivated me to jump onto Instagram in 2016, and stay there!

The Artist's Way

Hands down the most important art book I ever read because it helped me find my voice as an artist after a long draught.

Bird by Bird

One of the first artist inspiration books I ever read, that I still quote today. Love her philosophy that you often have to start creating “shitty” art in order to get to the good stuff.

Books that feed my soul

Living Untethered

So love EVERYTHING that this spiritual soul offers, and this is no exception.  An instant favorite that I've read multiple times.

The Surrender Experiment

My new favorite book, one that has finally gotten me to implement the ideas in my second favorite book, listed next!

The Untethered Soul

I’ve read this at least 7 times, and am reading it again! LOVE LOVE LOVE this book and how it has quieted my mind, and showed me how to live in my higher self more often than not.

The New Earth

Was my favorite book for many years, until replaced by the above. Sorry Eckerd, I still love your book too.

It's Not Your Money

After I experienced a live workshop with Tosha at the Omega Institute, she is a fave go to for spiritual healing and growth.

Dying to Be Me

New favorite about a near death experience that lead the author to heal cancer instantly and start living from love rather than fear.

Loving what is

One of the most stunning books on living in non-resistance that I've ever read.

Creative Visualization

The book I read 25+ years ago that formed the foundation of my spiritual life, resulting in multiple miracles through affirmations.

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