How do you live today as if it were your last day?

Talk about a life altering, head spinning question, this is the grand mother of them all!

Ever since I first heard a variation of this question spoken by Christopher Reeves in a Superman movie years ago, I’ve been contemplating my response to this guestion.

So here goes….

If this were my last Wednesday on Earth, I would…

1. ….  spend half of the time sitting in the presence of my dearest friends and family, simply enjoying their presence, sharing a few smiles, laughs and memories.

I was with my best friend Cristina as she spent her last week in physical form, and this is exactly what she did. I asked the Universe afterwards to grant me a similar experience when it is my turn to say good bye.

2. …. spend the rest of the time simply BEING with my loving husband, along with my own soothing company, gently giving gratitude for the amazing life I lived as Catherine Rains.

Since I probably won’t know which Wednesday will be my last, the more important question is….

How can I live THIS Wednesday as if it were the last one?

Because the reality is that it could be.

Therefore, from this day forward, I commit to spending time EVERY day in the presence of someone I love, even if by telephone, BEING fully with them, appreciating their sweet essence.


If this were YOUR last Wednesday on Earth, what would be YOUR number ONE priority?

Please share, either here or on Instagram, to help us all prioritize so that we can live everyday as if it were our last.


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