I am at peace when _______________.

How would YOU complete this sentence?

I am at peace when ______________.

You might expect me to say that art makes me feel at peace, and occasionally that’s true.

However, creating art can also leave me frustrated and full of self-doubt.

I LOVE to cut paper and throw paint on canvas, but just like anything else in life, what I adore sometimes wears me out as I push through issues that my art forces me to face.

I am ALWAYS at peace, however, when I quiet my inner voice, and witness what is before me without words floating through my brain, narrating and labeling everything I see.

Just writing this reminds me to quiet that inner voice RIGHT NOW, and let go of that voice, if even for just this moment.

To fully HERE, without thoughts or words streaming through my over active-brain, is my definition of peace, AND heaven on Earth.

It’s the kind of peace I have complete control over, and is a choice I make moment to moment, whether consciously or not.

So today, I commit to quieting my mind as often as I can remember. Then tomorrow and the day after that, I’ll make this commitment again, in the hopes that this practice will one day be a habit that takes no reminder!

So how about YOU?

I would love to hear how YOU define peace.
Please share, either here or on Instagram, to inspire us all to welcome more peace into our everyday moments.

This sweet bird, a detail from a large collage painting that will be released this summer, is a visual reminder to welcome peace into every moment.

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