The blessing in NOT selling

“Falling in love with what is waiting to be written”

The Fly Higher collection launched August 3 years ago, and this collage sold as soon as I opened the online doors. Based on the immediate response, I was very hopeful that the rest of the series would sell quickly. Yet by the end of the day, only 3 of the 25 piece collection was sold.

I was devastated.

So I took time to cry, soothe my wounded heart, and BE with the disappointment.

And then I “got it”. Not selling was exactly what was supposed to happen, and an extraordinary gift.


Because if these didn’t sell, what I considered to be my best work up to that time, then I had nothing to lose by creating with total abandon, not caring if my work was “sellable” because obviously my “best work” wasn’t selling.

So for the first time since I quit my day gig in 2018 to pursue art full time, I created collages just for the joy of it, all while focusing on the question . . .

What would I create if it was JUST FOR ME, and it truly didn’t matter if the art EVER sold?

This made ALL the difference.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love every piece in the FLY HIGHER collection, and continue to offer archival prints of my fave 7, including this one. Yet this collection not selling (it took a year to find homes for all 25) was a hidden blessing as it was the catalyst I needed to find my true artistic voice.

This experience once again reinforced that even when devastated, something divine is brewing in the background. It is my job to lovingly hold the pain, witness as it lifts in its own perfect time, and allow the lesson/miracle to appear when its ready.



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