Remembering the gift of quiet

I received so many gifts from my solo art beach retreat last week, and the most profound of them was the simplest to do, yet the hardest to sustain.

Gazing at the ocean waves for many hours made me realize (again) how noisy my mind had become. When my monkey brain never shuts up, I can’t hear my highest truth and next steps.

Now that I’m back to “real life”, I’m frequently quieting my mind and resting in the sacred silence, just like I did last week at the beach. However, I don’t need the waves to bring me back to me.

Just saying the words “quiet” or “no thought” will center me in the divine peace within myself. Of course I have to remember to do this, which is why I now have the word QUIET taped to my computer as a constant reminder!


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1 thought on “Remembering the gift of quiet”

  1. Dear Cat,
    I have done your Quick Start, loved it. Did it on a holiday in Mexico with very limited supplies. Just the thing to create a series of little collages, in limited palette. Awaiting the birth of Collage Joy! As a retired nurse, interested in your struggle to slow down and heal your lungs. This latest email doesn’t sound like slowing down! Please be careful with yourself. Do not give in to the monkey brain. Focus on YOU. We can wait.
    Sidney, BC, Canada.


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