Textured Collage Papers with Cling Wrap


Learn how to create cling wrap collage papers and the secret sauce to making this work (almost) every time. Watching this video will shorten your learning curve to create this complex, yet easy, paper.

One of the most amazing aspects of this technique is the versatility it offers. By using just three primary colors – Phthalo Blue Green Shade, Quinacridone Magenta, and Hansa Yellow Light (linked below) – I am able to produce an astonishing array of papers, all of them cohesive blending beautifully due to their shared color origins. This helps me maintain a similar color palette across all my collages.

When it comes to creating collage papers with cling wrap, I’ve found that using heavier paper works best. Drawing paper, bristol paper, or mixed media paper with a weight of 80 pounds or more has phenomenal results. They ensure that the cling wrap technique creates the desired texture without damaging the paper.

It wouldn’t be a fun art project if there wasn’t some learning curves along the way! So here’s a few tips I picked up in this technique:

Using a layer of gloss medium on the paper before adding the paint can prevent the paint from being absorbed unevenly

Mixing the right consistency is key… it should be thin enough to allow the colors underneath to show when you scrunch it!

Feeling like a made scientist is part of the fun! Try different consistencies, different layers, different materials.


Having a sense of freedom and unpredictability is what keeps me passionate about creating art. The most captivating part of art and creating is its constant ability to surprise and inspire us, and I hope that my experiences with cling wrap collage papers encourage you to take your own artistry to new heights.

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Suggestions of other artists who show variations of this technique:

Linda Celestian 
The Danish Painter



Cling wrap
Bristol paper
Watercolor paper 140 lbs
Drawing paper 80 lbs 
Gloss medium
High flow paint
Any type of acrylic paint or watercolor
Homemade water color paper
Plastic file folders

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