Creating Depth and Dimension with Stencils


Imagine taking a flat stencil and turning it into a captivating piece that commands attention. The possibilities are endless, and the results are simply magical.

Let’s dive right in and explore how you can add mesmerizing depth and dimension to your favorite stencils. I’ll be sharing two distinct methods that are closely related, yet offer their own unique charm.

First, we’ll explore the magic of layering paint using your stencils to create a stunning 3D effect on your papers. Whether you opt for a transparent or opaque look, the key is using the right tools and your favorite colors to bring your vision to life. I love playing with different values and colors, aligning dots, creating contrasts, and letting your imagination run wild!

Next, we’ll be adding a transparent paint as the top layer to add an ethereal quality to your yummy papers. As you start layering the paints, you’ll see an enchanting interplay of colors and captivating 3D effects. Whether you’re working on drawing paper, copy paper, or even repurposing envelopes, this technique will work wonders on almost any surface, producing amazing results.

Remember, art is a journey of exploration, and every “mess up” is simply an opportunity to embrace the unexpected and make your work uniquely “you”.

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Supplies to make these papers: Drawing paper 80 lbs
Copy paper 28 lb 
Your favorite stencils Stencil foam brush 

Tissue paper, acid free 

Artist Teabag Paper 

Any type of acrylic paint

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