Suddenly, “it” happened

“Your story is just beginning”

I have spent the past 3 years experimenting with many different art forms, all for the purpose of exploring and expanding my artistic voice.

This journey inspired me to follow what fascinated me in any given moment, resulting in many happy art experiments.  Hence why I have painted a ton of abstracts, flowers, and pears, some of which are posted below.


Although I deeply enjoyed the process of learning new art techniques, there always seemed to be something missing, like a puzzle piece I couldn’t find.

What was I “meant” to create and contribute to the world with my art?

So I kept experimenting, KNOWING that one day soon I would stumble onto what I had been searching for along.

Then suddenly, “it” happened.

Two weeks ago, I felt completely compelled to take an online class that combined painting AND collage with Ivy Newport. From the very first project, I felt my internal excitement growing, and I moved faster and faster through the material to see what Ivy would teach me next.  By the time I got to one of the last projects (posted at the top of this post), my heart was exploding and my body tingled as I created, a sure sign that I was close to finding the missing piece to my artistic puzzle.

Ironically, I have been led back to where I started in 1993 when I first discovered my love for collage, back when I thought collage was my only option as an art medium since I couldn’t draw or paint.  My experiments over the past 3 years have proven this to be untrue –  I can both draw and paint, and I now believe ANYONE can with enough practice, encouragement and motivation.

So after all that searching, and developing many new art skills, I have come full circle, back to where I started, but much better.

My experience reminds me of the T.S. Elliot quote ….

We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.

Reading this quote again brings me to tears for I know this to be my truth.

I feel like I’ve come home, once again, to myself.

This story is far from over, yet I’m finally clear that collage will again be the central focus in my artistic voice, and that voice will always be evolving, leading me forever home to myself.


11 thoughts on “Suddenly, “it” happened”

  1. What a beautiful story. ❤️ I’ve been drawn to that T.S. Eliot quote for many years. Perfect!

    • Awww thanks Debbie. I’ve always loved that quote too, and it describes where I’m at perfectly. Sounds like it fits your journey as well?

      Miss you woman!

      Love, Catherine

  2. This is so wonderful to hear Catharine! I have loved seeing all your beautiful creations!! I’m so excited and thrilled for you as you reconnect and align with your creativity in a new way! Thank you for being a part of my classes and for sharing your story with us! So inspiring!!


    • Ivy,

      THANK YOU for being my inspiration and guide back to what I most love to do. Funny that I avoided taking the class that I signed up with you, actually for 2 years, and then suddenly was totally compelled to not zoom through everything you teach. Guess I just wasn’t ready before now. BTW – I noticed that quite a few people hit on the 2 links for your site from my newsletter – hope that some of my followers took advantage of your AMAZING classes.

      Love, Cat

    • Ellen,
      Thanks so very much. Your business has always been an inspiration for me as well! Love that you are doing what you most love now from your former business. Love, Cathy

  3. You are a very relatable inspiration! And I love Ivy Newport’s classes – which one specifically did you take that combined painting with collage?

    • What a kind thing to say! I’m truly touched by your support. Actually Ivy uses collage in almost all of her workshops. I started with the once focused on birds and feathers (not sure of the name). She’s have a big black friday sale on her classes – a good time to sign up. I even signed up for ANOTHER one!


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