You can do it, and the universe is conspiring to help

The universe is continually conspiring to help us manifest what we most desire, assuming that this is also for our highest good and all concerned. Of course, that is the challenge – to dream big, and also let go of the outcome so that the universe can bring us our dream in its highest good form. For sometimes, on the way to our dream, an even better one shows up, which could be cleverly disguised as a roadblock. The key is remembering that by saying yes to all that life is offers, even when it might not look so great in the moment, an even better reality is manifesting before our eyes.


Large – Unique Edition of 1, matted & framed SOLD OUT
Small – Unique Edition of 50, TWO Available, matted


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Original 3-D SM – 16" x 20" x 1.5" – matted $125