Hold the Vision – 20 x 25″

I have told myself countless times to hold the vision for what I most want, especially when my current reality falls short of my heart’s desire. Telling myself to hold the vision somehow calms my impatient mind that wants it NOW, rather than six months from now. Experience has shown me that I can make things happen very quickly from a “pushing” place, yet the destination ends up being far short of my dream and full of struggle once I get there. But when I patiently wait, clearly affirming what I most want, my wish manifests in its highest good form, and without all the toil and pain that it takes to push my dream into reality. So I sit back and allow the universe to do its magic, guiding me to my heart’s desire while I focus on the beauty of the present and on the wonderful feelings that surround my incredible vision of the future. And one day very soon, when I’m not even looking, my most sacred wish will appear, and I’ll remember once again how easy it is to manifest anything that I desire. So until that blessed day, I will hold the vision for what I most want and fill my heart with wonder for the present moment.

Large – Unique Edition of 7, ONE Available, matted & framed
Small – Unique Edition of 50, THREE Available, matted 14 x 18″


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Original 3-D SM – 16" x 20" x 1.5" – matted $240, Original 3-D LG – 18" x 24" x 1.5" – framed, matted $1150