Intention #3 – One hour of art each day

Intentions #3

61 days ago I announced my intention to do art for 365 consecutive days. And its working, I’m doing it, and usually enjoying the process.  But to be completely honest, on some days I regret the “everyday” part of this committment, especially when traveling for my day job. But I’m doing it anyways, no matter how busy I am, what airport I’m passing through, or how I feel.  This is a commitment to myself, and I’m NOT breaking it, period.

Creating art for at least one hour every day is transforming my long held belief that I can not do art while having a demanding day job.

My life is still over-the-top and joyfully filled with a new marriage, family, friends, day job, exercise, healthy eating, etc., yet I’m finding a way to carve out an hour each day to create. This precious hour very often turns into 2 or 3 hours, and ends with me forcing myself to stop because I need to eat, shower, go to work, etc.! Once I start (which is often the hardest part), I never want to stop, and in those enchanting moments, I KNOW my priorities are in order and I’m doing what I’ve been called to do.

So there you have it, my 3 intention for 2016, which are…

  1. Imagine that everyone is only thinking positive thoughts about me
  2. Think positive thoughts about everyone in return
  3. Create art for at least one hour for 365 days

All three of these intentions make my heart smile. What will my life look like this time next year after focusing on these intentions for a full year, and documenting my progress (which keeps me focused and honest with myself) for all the world to see?

Yikes. Now I can’t turn back. Day 62 and positive paranoia here I come…..



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    • Kristina, Thanks so much for the kudos on my site. Sorry for the late reply – all my comments have been going to spam, and I JUST realized it. Love that we have the same last name! Hugs, Cat


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