Manifesting Miracles

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I started this collage over 11 years ago during a very different time in my life.

I was married to my “starter husband”, had not yet been diagnosed with breast cancer, and was a full time artist. Slowly (although now it feels like an instant) life changed – divorce, cancer, back to my full time job, remarriage. As my life changed, this collage also transformed into a perfect reflection of my life during each of those chapters. I had no idea it would take 11 years to finish, and I trust that it needed to take that long, just like my journey to get to the amazing transformed life I now live.

Once I completed this collage, the search for a perfect title began. After much deliberation, I finally landed on “All within reach”, which I knew was “the one” because when I said it out loud, I got goose bumps.

I feel with every fiber of my being that my fondest dream, what I have been affirming for daily, is now within reach.

My deepest desire FEELS only a step away, as if a higher power is guiding me toward it. Any moment now, probably when I’m not looking, I’ll turn around and it will be sitting there, as if it had been waiting for me to catch up with it all along.

I’m so clear that my fondest dream is about to become my physical reality because I’ve been here before – three times before. In each case, it started with a wish or fantasy, something fun to ponder. I would start sentences with “Wouldn’t it be cool if….” or “Suppose I could…”. Over time these dreams got imbedded into my brain as I thought more and more about them,  and eventually I consciously started affirming what I wanted on a daily basis. At one point along each of these journeys, I began to see HOW these dreams could become reality, and started to take small steps toward them, even though I wasn’t sure where to find what I most wanted. Then one day, out of the blue, when I wasn’t expecting a miracle to appear, it did, and once again I was stunned that my dream was now my reality.

So here I am again.

Standing with hands out stretched, feeling my dream all around me, knowing that its about to appear, and in a manner that reflects my highest good, and that of all concerned. Hmmm, more goose bumps…..


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    • Jules,
      Thank you for the kind words about this post. You really dug deep to find this one! I forgot that I had even written it!
      Warmly, Cat


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