Mixing Colors and Textures in 7 Paste Paper Designs


From the simplicity of crosshatch designs to intricate swirls and bold contrasts, these papers promise to add depth and character to your artwork.

In this art demo, we will explore the endless opportunities of textures and designs that wallpaper paste can offer using simple tools like hotel room key cards, squeegees, and even bubble wrap to create mesmerizing patterns. This technique offers so many variations that this is just the first part of a 2-part video series that I share on my YouTube channel! Wallpaper paste might just become your new BFF. Economical & versatile, it works like a charm to create durable, flexible paper you can mold into any shape or design.

In this demo I experimented with a limited color palette, which I do in most of my projects. I share how just three primary colors, plus black and white, can produce a full spectrum of color that can take any of your artwork to the next level. As I am creating, I embrace the simplicity and adaptability of using just a few colors.

As you build layer upon layer of color and texture, it’s easy to build upon patterns and add a complexity and richness to simple papers!

Let me know what you think, and share your favorite techniques and tools you use to create paste papers!

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Supplies Used

Roman Wallpaper Paste (smaller quantities available at hardware store)
Drawing paper 80 lbs 

Copy paper 28 lb 

Catalyst wedges for mark making, like this
, or this, or this.
Catalyst for smoothing out bubbles 

Old credit card, plastic room key, or Squeegee for shower 

Round bottle lids collected during COLLAGE KICKSTART
Round black rubber coasters 

Nova acrylic paint Flat brushes, one for each color paint mixed in paste 

Small jars for mixing paint 

Water and sponges
Joggles craft mat 

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