Ever Evolving 100-Day Project

As I moved through Days 55 – 68 of my 100-day project, I realized that since my collages were becoming more complex, I needed to revise my original project guidelines to match their ever evolving complexity.

How? So glad you asked 😉!

I started this project wanting to bring collage making back into my daily life. After many months of only focusing on Collage Joy, I was craving to create the art that I was teaching to others.

So I vowed to make a 15-minute collage each day, and in the beginning this worked beautifully.

However the more I got into the project, the more my collages evolved into a more complex expression of my voice, and it became impossible to create one in just 15 minutes.

Yet since my time was still very limited, I decided to modify the “rules”. After all, I’m in charge of this project, and this is supposed to serve me, not be a daily chore.

So changing the project as I learn what works and what doesn’t is a vital part of these 100 days (for me).

My new and improved guidelines are . . .
  • Create for 100 days, but not necessarily on consecutive days
  • Create for no more than 30 minutes on a single day
  • Allow a single collage to take more than 1 day to complete

This feels so much more spacious, and kind, while at the same time meeting my primary objective of bringing (almost) daily art making back into my life. And now I can breathe again as I’m no longer pushing myself to FINISH a collage every day.

Check out my Day 55 to 68 sketchbook flip thru . . .

As soon as I finish writing this newsletter, I’ll be starting Day 69, and because of my new guidelines, I’m once again looking forward to it!

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