Stress identifies whats not true

This quote really got me thinking . . .

“Stress is the alarm clock that lets you know you have attached to something that’s not true for you.”
Byron Katie

As much as I hate to admit it, I am often stressed, mostly (or all) self imposed.

I’m constantly running from my day gig to my art biz, pushing to get the most out of every moment. From 5am to 10pm, I’m getting stuff done, checking things off my super-human to-do list, rarely feeling like I’ve done enough by the end of the day. Can YOU relate?

After reading this quote, I felt compelled to look at the meaning behind my stress, and what this could be saying about what was not true or good for my being.

But how do I stop, or not do something when EVERYTHING on my list seems important, necessary, and non-negotiable?
How can I be ok with doing less, and not getting it ALL done?


Then I stumbled upon a passage (a Divine answer to my inquiry) from new favorite author Tosha Silver where she shared the concept of moving through life with ….

…ease and effortlessness.

Ahhhh…. just saying these words out loud made my heart sigh and my shoulders relax.  So I started saying these words over and over again as I reviewed my daily lists and calendar.


Ahhh…. there comes that sigh again.  I’m only in the second week of using these words as a moment-to-moment reminder, and already there’s a huge difference in how I’m relating to my to-do list, and what I’m not getting done.

When I feel the need to power through my list, I say these words out loud – ease and effortlessness – and at least half of the time, my pushing stops.  Then I take a full breathe, smile, and choose to be fully present with the task in front of me.

The result of this new practice?  I’m not getting as much done. I’ve missed a few days posting to Instagram, and I haven’t done art EVERY day. I’m STILL contemplating what to write in my next newsletter, which I abandoned a year ago, and have no idea when it will go out. Did the world fall apart because I didn’t get it ALL done? Did anyone even notice, other than me?

The biggest change is the realization that I’m doing enough, no matter how much I get done, AND that I am enough, no matter how many items get checked off my blessed list.

Although ease and effortlessness is not quite an integral part of my being, I’m committed to using these words as I move through my day, and life.  It’s my loving next step to treating me with the self-care I deserve.

So how about YOU?

What causes YOU stress, and how does this identify what is not good or true for your sweet soul?

Sometimes just acknowledging what doesn’t work can be the trigger for finding a path that better serves our deepest heart’s desire.

Please share, either here or on Instagram, to inspire us all to recognize stress for what it is, and to find new ways to find our truth buried behind it.




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2 thoughts on “Stress identifies whats not true”

  1. I was always on multiple deadlines in my work as Art Director for a state agency. The mantra I used is: I choose to have all the time I need. It works wherever you need it…waiting in a long line, driving in heavy traffic, being handed a rush job for the Governor on Friday afternoon. Take a deep breath and repeat it several times. Obstacles move out of the way, new paths open up. My morning started with primary choices: I choose to be free. I choose to be true to myself. I choose to be the primary creative force in my life. I choose to have all the time I need. I choose for my work to be accomplished easily.
    ️ As situations changed, I made supplemental choices during the day. ️ When I moved to NM (40!! yrs ago!!) I stopped wearing a wrist watch because I felt too pressured by it. The only times I wore a watch was traveling out of the country. ️ I was given a vintage clock face that doesn’t have hands or the works. A friend had it on the wall that his bed faced, and I told him how cool I thought it was. After he passed, his brother called me, saying that Bill wanted me to have it. So I do have all the time I need. ️ Your work is beautiful and I hope you have all the time you need to do all the things you want to do. ️ Linda

    • Linda, Sorry for the delay in responding. I actually read your comment the same day you wrote it, but I wanted to think about my response and allow your loving words to sink in. I completely LOVED what you wrote, and it reinforced how I intend to live my life. Often I do this, and often I don’t too. Thank you for writing this in such practical terms that everyone can relate to, especially me! Yes, I have ALL the time I need, for everything on my list. So beautiful and profound. I will be saying this to myself for the rest of the day, hopefully for the rest of my life!

      Thank you for your kind words about my art. I have all the time I need to create the art that is calling to be created. I’m learning!

      Much love,


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