What are your 2 favorite movies?

If YOU were stranded on an island for a year, and could only bring 2 DVD movies with you for entertainment, which 2 would YOU choose?

My darlin husband and I discussed this fun topic over a bottle of wine this past Saturday, and were not a bit surprised that our choices were polar opposites, just like we are in many ways.

My sweetie choose “Young Frankenstein” and ANY Star Wars movie.

By the way, I’m not crazy about either of these, but have watched them several times simply to keep him company as he enjoys what he loves, and usually fall asleep in the process!

As for my choices, my all time personal favorite is…

“Out of Africa”, followed closely by “Gone with the Wind”.

If I could sneak in a 3rd movie it would be “Wizard of Oz”.  The last line in this classic – “You always had the power to go home” – tugs at my heart EVERY time!

I have MANY additional fav movies like “Dirty Dancing”, “Dancing with Wolves”, “Billy Jack” (really dates me!), and “Begin Again”, but nothing compares to my top two in terms of making me feel like I just won the lottery when they happen to appear on television. I probably should just buy these so I can watch them anytime, but I just thought of that option this very moment! Amazon here I come….

So how about YOU?

What 2 movies would YOU joyfully watch over and over again for a year?

Please share (either in the comments below or on Instagram) to inspire our movie choices, but more importantly, to help us to get to know each other a wee bit better through the types of movies we love!

I truly can’t wait to hear what you choose!

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