The WHY behind “Fly higher”

“Fly higher” is ALMOST ready to fly

August 20 at 9 am EST for newsletter subscribers

(3pm for the rest of the world)

Throughout this LONG process, I have repeatedly asked myself these questions.

1. WHY did I create these 22 collages? And a close cousin …
What is the meaning behind each artwork, both for me and for those who will eventually hold them in their hearts?

As I created each collage, I felt a palpable sacred message coming through my hands, as if a message was being delivered directly from the Universe and into the artwork. I knew that each was intended to remind us of what is truly possible. To stop thinking and acting small.  To gently step moment to moment in the direction of our wildest dreams, and to profoundly grow and love ourselves through the process.

“Fly higher” was always intended to serve the highest good of others, meaning they were never really mine. They will belong to those that most resonate with each, and eventually bringing them into their heart and sacred space.

2. WHY did it take so long to get “Fly higher” into the world.

I had originally intended to release this collection in March, then May, then June, and alas it will FINALLY happen on August 20.   There were several reasons for the continued delay, but they all centered around my health, and the lessons I needed to learn as a result.

First and foremost, I needed to slow my life waaaaayyy down and profoundly take care of my body and soul.  Thanks to a ton of soul searching, yummy naps, a talented Naturopath and listening to the lessons my chronic respiratory illness was sent to teach me, my health has greatly improved.

And as I slowly healed, I learned the BIGGER lesson behind it all….
… pushing, striving, and crow-barring the Universe simply doesn’t work.

So now I’m doing much less, AND surprisingly getting more done.

Most importantly, I’m happier, healthier and more grounded than I’ve been in a very long time, and ready to stop thinking and acting small.

How about YOU? Want to join me in doing less, and thinking bigger?

I’d truly love to take this new journey together.


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4 thoughts on “The WHY behind “Fly higher””

  1. this is beautiful. I love the intention behind the collection: it’s inspiring and from the soul. and I so appreciate you taking the time to care for yourself and how, out of that, you’re happier, healthier, and more grounded. wonderful. thank you for sharing your story and your art.

  2. Hello Cat,
    Thank you so much for sharing your truth, I love love your work and I can relate big time to what you have so spiritually expressed, I find my art speaks to me on a soul level and I hope that it will also for others, it’s fantastic, to help us move through our journeys and life with balance and understanding. Kind regards, Lorna

    • Dear Lorna,
      I can’t thank you enough for your loving words about my art, and it’s meaning. It’s easy to value what we create based on how it sells, and your thoughtful comment reminded me of its true value, how it resonates with my heart and that of those it’s meant to touch.
      Many blessings to you my friend,


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