More Techniques for Rubbing Alcohol Collage Papers!

Learn how using alcohol as the bottom layer to create entirely different textures compared to Part One.

Part Two of experimenting with rubbing alcohol collage papers is here, and it’s entirely different from Part One share previously. In this video, we are playing with different mediums to see how they interact with the rubbing alcohol to create beautiful, unpredictable results.

In the first part of this series, we experimented with layering watered-down acrylic paint and dropping alcohol on top to create crater-like effects. This time around, instead of having alcohol as the primary layer, we’re using it as a foundational, or bottom layer.

To get started, the right kind of paper is crucial; I’ve found that mixed media paper works beautifully. If you prefer something lighter, 80-pound drawing paper is also a good option. Beware of using anything lighter than 80 pounds—trust me,  it just doesn’t have the same magic.

For inks and sprays, walnut drawing ink, Marabou art spray, and Dylusions shimmer sprays all work like a charm! These sprays and inks sit on top of the alcohol-soaked paper, allowing you to move and mix them.

With an eyedropper, drop alcohol onto your paper and let it pool slightly. As for brushes, larger, wide ones make the process faster and add a fun splatter effect.

For a more advanced technique, I bring out my stencils and spritz alcohol through the stencil and add color for layered designs. I love using a shop towel to blot or drag the inks to see where they fall and create organic patterns. Hope you enjoy this magical technique as much as I did – the possibilities are literally endless!


Rubbing Alcohol Papers: Part One

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Supplies Used

Rubbing alcohol, 70 or 91% 
Mixed media paper 108 lb. 

Drawing paper 80 lb 

Eye Droppers 

Glass petrie dishes 

Spatcher rubber brush 

OR Large 3” flat brush 

Spray bottle filled for water 

Spray bottle filled for alcohol 

Walnut drawing ink 

Marabu Art Spray 

Dylusions Shimmer Spray 

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