Guidance surrounds me

I feel a palpable guidance surrounding me.  Its as if someone is screaming “look here, pay attention, we are showing you where to go, how to find what you want”. Sometimes the guidance comes in the form of a book whose words jump off the page and into my heart.  Or a friend saying something that startles me and takes my breath away.  Or a dream about a deceased friend or relative who takes my hand and leads me to a place I’ve never been.  Each of these “messages” feels like a gift, a puzzle to solve, and ultimately to follow.

Most of the time, I bravely step toward the guidance I am given, even though I’m not sure where the path is headed.  I continually remind myself that its my job to hold the vision of what I want, and follow the guidance, but is is NOT my job to figure out HOW it will happen, or where it will ultimately manifest.

I FEEL my deepest desire coming toward me, and I toward it, with every breath I take, every person that crosses my path, every word I read, and ultimately, in its highest good form and time.


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