Now what do I create?

I have been following my new daily schedule for almost three weeks (to be shared in detail soon), and am finally creating art 3 – 4 to hours every day, Monday through Friday.


Now the question is . . .

WHAT do I create in all that luscious time?

For the past 12 years, I created what I knew how to do – 3dimensional collage, and most recently, adding paint to collage. I like what I’ve created, even loved it at times, yet I’ve always wanted to expand my skills as an artist.

But with a day job, there was never time to do this.  I created what I already knew, what gave me joy to create, AND what I perceived others would also like in the hopes of selling it.

So when I quit my job, I decided to focus my first 6 to 12 months of freedom on experimenting with different art techniques, and NOT selling anything.

I signed up for six on-line art classes, two live art workshops, made a list of artists who publish You-tube and Instagram art tutorials, bought a boat load of art supplies, and started learning new stuff for the first time in years. Heaven, right?

What I didn’t realize is how uncomfortable I would feel venturing into unknown territory, where I don’t have skills.

The result? I often don’t like what I create, at least not initially. I find myself feeling a tad insecure and shaky making what sometimes looks like “shitty art”.

It was time to give myself a good talking too.

To do this, I used the method I’ve relied on for the past 25 years to ground myself and make my highest good decisions.

I took off my glasses (I can barely see to write without them), wrote a question in my journal that I wanted help with, and started writing in third person as if the Universe/God/my highest self (for me its all the same), is talking to me.

Here is the question I asked a couple days ago…

God, I need your help.  Should I focus on getting good at one art style, OR what feels best each day, switching between new techniques before I get proficient at any one?
What is my highest good path with art making each day?

Then I wrote in third person whatever I heard in my head, continuously, without stopping to think or edit. And when I was done 20 minutes later, I reread what I wrote and I was stunned at the profound wisdom before me.

I KNEW it was my truth.

Here is how my highest self answered that question….

Just keep creating art everyday, like a prayer to yourself.

Do what is calling your name each moment, no need to stay in a straight line.

By moving from project to project, style to style, you will put together the puzzle pieces of what you are seeking with art.

You don’t know what style to focus on because you haven’t yet stumbled on the style that will be uniquely yours.

Make no mistake you WILL find it.

The path to finding your unique voice is to follow what sounds like fun each day.

It will actually take longer if you just stick with one technique or style and get good at it.

You will fit many things together to form what you are destined to give to the world.

For now, stick with the absolute joy of experimenting, allowing you to play without a purpose.

Now is the time to play, enjoy the process, and learn the discipline of creating everyday.

This is your highest path.

So that is what I’m doing now – PLAYING.

To be honest this makes me nervous. Creating without a plan, or a clear path is very uncomfortable.

And I’m doing it anyways, KNOWING that this is the shortest path to what I most want, even though I don’t exactly know what my art will look like when I get there. Maybe it will be some version of what I’ve created for the past 12 years, or perhaps, something brand new is getting ready to be born within me.

For now, I’m simply creating what ever most interests me each day, trusting that somehow this process will lead me to find my unique voice as an artist, and how I’m meant to share this with the world for the highest good of all.

It is time to stop writing now and start my three to four hours of art making for the day, because that is what my schedule says I should do!


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8 thoughts on “Now what do I create?”

  1. Beautiful. I love the idea of writing out a question and then answering from your highest self….your answer is very much my artistic life. I’ve mentioned before on Insta that I only discovered my love for art in the last few years…and I’m not especially talented but I love it with my whole heart and soul and feel called to do it….not for money…God only knows I would truly be a starving artist! But what I do is pure play and experimentation and I am always trying to learn new techniques and explore new media. Your artwork is beautiful. I look forward to seeing you along on your journey.

    • Tara, So sweet to know that we are walking the path of play and experimentation together. You are way ahead of me as I just started giving myself permission to do this. I’ve always created both for myself and to sell what I made. I admire you for following your deepest calling and creating to feed your soul. Many blessings to you my new friend. Hugs, Cat

  2. I identify with this so much right now. I deemed 2018 my year of solitude and am using it to dive in to all that truly nourishes my soul, without caring what other people think. I have also been all over the place with art and trying all different forms out. I have always been creative in one form or another but never had “formal” training so never shared anything. I have been posting to Instagram lately as a way to get over this fear of sharing or feeling like a sham because I never had that formal art training. I love the art play and feel like it is such an integral piece to unlocking myself. Thank you for sharing your stories!

    • Jennifer,
      Thank YOU for sharing your art story in return. What is your Instagram user name? I would love to see your work as it evolves. I still am uncomfortable sharing a lot my art, and sometimes don’t because it’s too vulnerable or not “good enough” in my eyes. So I totally understand your hesitation to putting your work out for others to see. I spent years hiding my art, and eventually just decided to share it regardless of others might think. I appreciate being on this journey with you.
      Hugs, Catherine

      • Hi Catherine! We follow each other and are both working on the Ivy Newport abstract landscape piece 🙂 I am @imtruejen on Instagram. I am glad we crossed paths.

        • Ahhh, of course! Thanks for connecting your IG account with you! Fun to be going through Ivy’s class together. I just started 2 more using the same model so that I don’t get attached to the first one!

          Hope you have a very blessed and creative day!

  3. Seriously, the more I read from you, whether it’s your IG posts, or your blog, or your comments back to me, the more I wish I could sit down and have coffee with you. This is beautiful, truly – I love your method in accessing your wisdom from your higher self and it reminds me to return to my own similar methods. Strangely, as I step more into my artwork lately, I feel disconnected from my ability to write in this fashion and I’m missing it.

    Thanks for continuing to share with the world, for being open and vulnerable in your journey, for allowing others to benefit from your experiences. ❤️

    • Denise,
      Your loving words are truly music for my soul. Thank you from the center of my heart for sharing your experience of my writing, which is such sweet validation that I am coming across the way I intend – as authentic as possible. Interesting, but I learned how to do this by following the journey of several artists ahead of me on this journey, and learning from the way they honestly share with the world. Do you follow Kelly Rae Roberts and Flora Bowley? They have deeply inspired my writing, and continue to.

      I am so very grateful for your beautiful comment, and for walking this awakening path along side of me.
      Many blessings to you, Cat


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