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Moving past fear and into love

Like you I am scared.

And with no end in site, I’m finding it hard to stop my brain from going down doomsday rabbit holes, reading article after article about what is happening and not happening, and how much worse it’s likely to get.

Yet in the middle of all the fearful thoughts this morning, I also heard a small voice deep inside reminding me of how life really works, at least for me, way beyond what the news is reporting.

For the past 30 years, I have successfully lived by this simple philosophy….

What I resist persists.

Life is rigged in my favor, always.

THIS moment is my destiny.

What I have is what I want. Wherever I am is where I want to be

Living fully present and grateful, the door opens

It ONLY gets better.

Simply by not resisting the reality before me, I’ve experienced so MANY miracles that didn’t seem logically possible before they suddenly appeared.

But the question is how can I stop my negative thoughts long enough to fully embrace and accept our present reality? And what does embracing THIS reality of a world-wide pandemic even look like? Is it even possible to apply the “what I resist persists” philosophy to Covid19 when we appear to be completely out of control?

However, its been during those times in my life when I’ve been totally out of control, with no options, that this path of non-resistance has worked the best. In fact, this is when mind blowing miracles have appeared out of nowhere.

So since I suddenly have plenty of time on my hands, I have absolutely nothing to lose, and potentially everything to gain, I’ve decided to apply non-resistance to what we’re collectively going through.

So here is what I’m committing to doing every day for the immediate future.

I’m choosing to change my thoughts about Covid19 in a very concrete, practical way, even though on the surface it might seem woo woo, not real or practical, even pie in the sky. I assure you it’s just the opposite, at least from my experience.

So here is exactly what I’m doing:

At the top of every hour, starting at 9am and continuing until I go to sleep at 10pm, I have set an alarm on my phone to remind me to stop and do the following 1-2 minute meditation/visualization. Just 1-2 minutes.

And it goes like this….

I close my eyes, and imagine that brilliant white light is filling my entire body. Then I imagine that that light is love and I’m literally being filled with love, and nurtured by that brilliant light.

Then that sparkling light pours out through my feet, in all directions, spreading across the planet beneath my feet. And it covers the entire planet underneath me and when it gets to the opposite poll of the planet, it starts traveling back up again to me and enters back into my body through my feet, so now I’m completely connected with the entire planet.

Then I imagine just for a minute that the virus is melting like ice, in every country, and in every person that currently has it. And that all of our world leaders at every level, our presidents, chancellors, governors, majors, scientists, they are doing their absolute best to do what is needed to physically stop the virus. I send gratitude for them serving us to the best of their abilities, as well as sending buckets of gratitude to all the doctors, nurses, hospital staff and healers on the front lines, and all the people that aren’t able to self isolate like the grocery store clerks, pharmacists, the amazon truck divers, all the people that are helping us navigate through this life altering time.

And that’s it, and I’m doing this short visualization, for 1-2 minutes at the top of EVERY hour, EVERY day, until this virus is contained and our lives return to normal, whatever normal ends up looking like when all of this is over.

If what I’m doing resonates with your heart, I invite you to do this with me in whatever way feels good to you.

Please change the visualization I offered in whatever way most speaks to you and how you see the world. I realize that once an hour might seem like too much but there are no rules with this ritual other than the ones you create around it for yourself.

Whether you do this once a day, or when you wake and go to sleep, when you eat, or once an hour like me, its all perfect and will add to transforming the negative vibe of the entire world, and switching us from resistance to acceptance at a cellular level. At the very least, it will stop our own fearful energy and thoughts if only for a few moments, until the next time our thoughts scare us.

Each time I finish this short ritual, I feel at peace, at least until the next scary thought catches my attention, and believe me there are still plenty to fill my brain. The key for me is repetition, and eventually in my experience, this becomes habit, the way I will deal with this blessed virus and all the lessons it has come to teach us going forward.

Although Covid 19 has brought fear and uncertainty, it has also given us a common language, something that deeply connects us no matter our politics, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race. We’re all on this path together, holding hands and hearts across continents.

If this message of spreading non-resistance resonates with you, I would DEEPLY appreciate if you would share it with your social networks – Instagram, Facebook, or wherever your people hang out. In this moment, know that I’m sending love, peace and healing to each and every one of you.   Namaste.



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