Making Collage Papers with Eyedroppers and Acrylics


I’m going to show you just how to achieve a marvelous collage paper using water, acrylic paint, and a handy eyedropper.

To start, I grab my go-to primary colors that I use with all of my collage paper projects: Phthalo Blue – Green Shade, Hansa Yellow Light, Quin Majenta, along with some white and black mixed in to create different values. This combo gives me the versatility to create a wide range of colors, ensuring that all the collage papers I make during my Tune In Tuesday come together cohesively for a project in the future.

Let’s start by grabing your eyedroppers! I typically have a couple of different-sized ones on hand, and I find that they work wonders for this technique. You can even use a pipette if that’s what you have available.

Grab your papers and make sure to thoroughly saturate your paper with water on both sides first. This step ensures that the paper remains flat. Then take your eyedropper, fill it with watered-down paint, and let the creativity flow. Experiment with dropping the paint onto the paper, allowing it to create mesmerizing patterns and designs. You can even try layering the colors for added depth.

Join me each week for more demos on creating unique collage papers, and check out the full supply list shared below! See you next time!

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Supplies Used

Bristol Paper, 100 lb 
Eye Droppers 

Small jars for mixing paint 

or Glass Petrie dishes 

Water and large flat brush
Spray water bottle 

Joggles craft mat 

MDF ¾ inch board cut at hardware store Acrylic paint (I use Nova brand)

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