I quit my job, at last.

Yes, its true.

As of January 1, 2018, I will once again be a full time artist.

Typing these words fills me with so much joy that I literally feel like doing cartwheels and telling everyone I meet!

I will transition to full time art in 2018 by working one-week a month as a contractor for my day gig (the publisher of the MBTI personality tool), continuing to create art from hotel rooms along the way. Working on a VERY part-time basis will give me the freedom to enjoy the delicious process of exploring what I most love to do, while selling the art I create along the way.

I’m so excited that I’ll soon have the time to …

  • Expand my voice as an artist by taking art classes, experimenting to my heart’s content.

  • Create art many hours every day (instead of barely an hour a day, tightly scheduled around my day gig)
  • Learn how to more effectively share my art with the world through my newsletter, Instagram, and the press.

  • Take better care of my body and soul by adding yoga and meditation to my daily routine, as well as amplifying my healthy eating habits.

  • And most importantly, spend more time with my darling husband, and wonderful community of women and couple friends.

From the day I returned to my day gig in 2005, I dreamed of returning to my life as a full time artist (full story here). Twelve years flashed by before I knew it, yet this dream never wavered. One small step as a time, I found my way back to what I most loved (read more about this herehere and here!). I now KNOW that this journey was destined to take the exact time that it did, and that my return to art could not have happened one day sooner.

My day gig has been one of the most blessed adventures of my life, teaching me again and again to surrender to ALL that life offers, especially the challenging stuff.  This lesson will serve me well as I finally and blissfully step into my dream come true.   

I’m looking forward to seeing where my new life as a full time artist takes me, and I’d be truly honored if you would came along for the ride!

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4 thoughts on “I quit my job, at last.”

  1. That is fantastic! Congratulations! I too am an artist and desire more time to create. I’ve been having visions at night,right before I fall asleep that I have never had before, and know that they are gifts from God. Hoping to one day be a full-time artist. Researching how others are doing what I want to do. My goal is to have my art online within six months. Best wishes!

    • Natalie,

      Wonderful that you are taking steps to do art full time as well. It was a 12 year journey to get to this place, and I hope that you get there much quicker than me! Please let me know if I can support your process.


  2. I also quit my job last week after 10 years to open space to my heart and art. All the things you wrote makes sense to me. I’m glad I found this page. I wish you joy and success in 2018! Thanks for sharing your history.

    • Carolina,
      How wonderful that you are taking this profound step to follow your heart’s desire. How sweet that we are doing this at almost the same time. I wish you great success as you continue to find, expand and share your voice as an artist. Thank you from the center of my soul for choosing to be part of my artistic work and awakening.
      Many blessings to you,


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