Day 7 – Doing art on the road

day 7

I just realized that for the first 6 days of my 30 day 5 a.m commitment, I was sleeping in my own bed each night, with complete control over how each day would evolve.

TODAY I move to the other schedule I’ve set up for this 30 day challenge, the one where I wake up in a hotel room, have fun with my day gig all day, and then do art at night. This is how my life will be for the next 19 days on the road, with only one weekend home during that time.

Up at 3am this morning to keep my 30 day commitment. Won’t be able to accomplish a lot – blogging, gramming and working on website has to count this morning. Maybe a bit more website work after I arrive in New Orleans later today.  

Oh yeah, and somewhere in these 19 days I need to do all my Christmas shopping.  I’m bringing my biggest suitcase to bring home the goodies I buy on the road. 

Still trying to figure out exactly out how that will work, but it WILL work.  Traveling for my day job is no longer an excuse for not doing art. 

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