Day 14 – Doing “art” in Iowa

Day 14

With no time off between business trips (I don’t count helping someone pack all weekend being off :), I flew to Omaha, and then drove 2 hours to Sioux City Iowa last night to begin 4 nights working with a client there for my day job.

Did I mention that I finally bought a new bright and shiny MacBook Pro last week in New Orleans?  I’m thrilled to have a new laptop, and am focusing on not resisting the time consuming set up process.  Tonight I need to download the latest Photoshop software, and sync my Dropbox files, where all my artwork resides. With all this behind the scenes set up work, it feels like two steps forward and one back, yet it is a necessary step so that I can easily create from the road.

Since its cold in Iowa today (40 degrees is freezing to this Carolina girl), I shouldn’t have any trouble finding time to finish all this set up work after work.  If it takes more time than expected, and for me it usually does, then that is perfect too.

I’m saying YES to all that shows up!

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