Blue Bike of Happiness

After telling a friend that I wanted to earn more money from my 3-D collages, he flippantly responded with “if you put a Harley in your images, you would make a million”. Although I laughed, dismissing his well-meaning remark in the moment, it came back to me that night. Suppose I actually did what he suggested? Hmmmm… So I found a picture of a classic bike (just happens to be a Harley), and started putting whimsical items on top of it in ways that mirrored the bike parts. In no time, Blue Bike of Happiness was born, and a new way of having so much fun with an art form I love!

Large – Unique Edition of 9, matted & framed
Small – Unique Edition of 90, matted, & framed option

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Original 3-D SM – 19"x16"X1.5", matted $240, Original 3-D LG – 25"x23"x1.5", framed & matted $1200