Newsletter Highlights



Jan 18, 2017             Honoring 2017 - A year that changed EVERYTHING!

Dec 21, 2017             Podcast - The FULL story of how I quit my day job

Dec 7, 2017               Countdown to freedom - 22 days to full time art!

Oct 19, 2017               Podcast - Transforming a triple whammy set-back

Sept 28, 2017             Podcast - Falling with life as it is

Sept 14, 2017              I quit my job!

May 4, 2017                 8 Teachers that changed my life

Sept 23, 2016               Free art, my gift to you!

May 19, 2016                3 Steps to finding life's purpose

April 20, 2016               5 things that light me up each morning

April 6, 2016                Many leaps of faith


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